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Recreating NWVDNUG site

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This is the second post about the website for the user group I help run. You can go read the first post if you are interested in the attempt at manually upgrading the MVC website to the latest version of the MVC framework.

The article I referenced in the previous post said “The simplest way to upgrade is to create a new ASP.NET MVC 4 project and copy all the views, controllers, code, and content files from the existing MVC 3 project to the new project…” but then also listed steps to manually upgrade the site’s solution/project. Those steps didn’t quite match up with my situation and didn’t work, so now I am trying the “simplest way”. This is a reference of how simple this simple way is.

Steps I did to try this simple way will be listed below. There will probably be some ripping out of code as one of the updates needed for the site is to stop trying to host the meeting information on our servers and point visitors to the meetup.com page for signing up for the meeting and to see what the meeting topics are.

  • In Vs2015 did “File” “New Project…”
  • From the first dialog box that comes up I chose “ASP.NET Web Application” under “Installed\Templates\Visual C#\Web”
  • I entered the names for the project and the solution and clicked “Ok”
  • In the next dialog box I chose “MVC” from the ASP.NET 4.5.2 Templates section
  • I also checked the Web API references. I will probably not need them but added them in case I do keep some API endpoint on the site.
  • Set it to “No Authentication” as the site has no user login needed.
  • and then clicked “Ok” and let VS create the base solution.
  • next up was clearing out the views and controllers, and adding the ones from the old project.
  • then it was removing all references to the MeetingsService that the old site had to get the Meeting info from the database
  • Next was removing the DTO and domain entities references

I tried viewing the home page, and ran into some issues with the layout page and how it was doing the left navigation with passing HTML partial string to RenderSection. This was resolved by just moving the HTML from the partial into the main layout page. Now I could view the site. The various pages came up, it wasn’t pretty yet as I didn’t have any images for the site or the bootstrap referenced properly yet.

So after I got the images and bootstrap files added to the project, I tried publishing it to the web hosting provider. Unfortunately I ran into some small issues with this. I had to upgrade the server the hosting was on to latest IIS, and then the webdeploy tool didn’t have permissions to remove the previous files correctly so I had to manually delete all the files and then publish again and now the site is back up.


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