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Xamarin.Forms and Azure issue

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So we recently added in some Nuget packages to our Xamarin Forms solution for a project I am on at my work. When you create a “Mobile App” on Microsoft Azure under the QuickStart section they provide Xamarin.Forms instructions and even a sample solution you can download. Since we already had a solution started we followed the other option “Connect an existing app”, well mostly, but more on that in a second.

The code was put into the solution and Nuget packages added to proper projects in the solution. Then since we are using Windows computers our client provided us with, it is easier to do first dubugging and testing on Android simulator on the local PC. After all that was done and it seemed to be working then we started testing on iOS simulator, remotely, from the client provided Mac Mini we have to use for iOS building and testing.

That’s when we started having an error pop up on the application starting up.

The error message we started getting was:
“A Microsoft Azure Mobile Services assembly for the current platform was not found. Ensure that the current project references both Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Mobile and the following platform-specific assembly: Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Mobile.Ext.”

Did the usual trouble shooting and making sure we had the right Nuget packages and no extra conflicting packages. After a few dead ends we went and Googled it with Bing.

The page found in the searching for the fix for this error:

The second reply was the one that contained the line we (I, cough cough) missed. The line to initialize the mobile services wasn’t present and it is needed in iOS but the Android worked without it.

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