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Running Windows Phone Emulator in VM Fusion

I was looking how to do this and found this article that explained it perfectly. Nice and easy now I can run WP emulators in my VM on my MacBook Pro

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A good article on Triangles done using CSS

Just got done with reading a good article with some nice illustrations used to show the concepts being presented. If you ever wanted to do triangles on your HTML to use for directing a user’s attention, this is a good article to get you started.




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Sorted Lists in Win8

This post is mainly just a quick placeholder for some references to some links. I am in the process of starting a series of posts on a Windows StoreĀ Application I writing as practical experience writing Windows 8 Applications. I know that in that application I will need (want) sorted lists, and ran across this blog post today.


Which links to this original post


and in the comments is another link


So this is a little holding location for me to refer back to when I get to the point of needing this information. And maybe it will help others, I havent had time to read through them all yet, but want to compile them.