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Modernization of NWVDNUG site

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Today is my first day of some downtime between clients. Hopefully it’s short one. So today I was doing some learning and trying to figure out what to study. One potential opportunity for me is with an existing client and “modernizing” a bunch of their internal applications.

I also had some updates that needed to be done on the website for the user group I run with Barry Stahl. I had just in the past month, to move to a new work computer when the old one’s lease was up. Due to this fact, the Windows Virtual Machine on the machine used for windows development I had only installed Visual Studio 2015 on.

I connected to Github from inside VS2015 and cloned the repo for the website for my user group. But when I went to open it I got several issues from the conversion report. The main issue that was not able to be automatically updated by VS is the fact that I had written the site in an older version of MVC framework.

Following the link from the conversion report took me to MSDN article that had a link to:


So I figured I’d take on this “modernization” of the user group site as a learning tool in case this comes up for future work I have to do.

Following the steps on the linked page I did the following:

  • Update the version numbers in the Web.config files (steps 1 and 2)
  • For step 3 I couldn’t do as it wouldn’t even load into Solution explorer. I am skipping it and will come back to it later, if needed.
  • Did step 4 to edit the csproj file.
  • Replaced the guid as listed in step 5
  • In step 6, I saved the file but couldn’t reload it in VS. So I closed VS and tried reopening (with fingers crossed). It still wouldn’t show in VS, so I closed VS again and continued with step 7 for now.
  • Manually added/updated the code listed in step 7

I was hoping these steps would work, but it didn’t seem to. I didn’t want to do what it said was the easiest way to do it, “The simplest way to upgrade is to create a new ASP.NET MVC 4 project and copy all the views, controllers, code, and content files from the existing MVC 3 project to the new project…” I didn’t want to do this as I wanted to keep the current repo, and all this changes to a whole new project and file structure would be a mess of a commit.

Watch for second post soon, covering how simple this “simplest way” is.

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